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Dental Implants in Iowa City

Have you been unfortunate enough to have lost a tooth?  Or, does your denture continue to fit loosely despite the use of adhesives and even after having done relines or remakes?  While you may feel that “all is lost”, the answer to your dilemma may be dental implants.

What are they? 

In simplest terms, dental implants can be thought of as serving as replacements for natural tooth roots.  Once secured in your jaw, implants can then be used as a foundation to replace teeth via a dental crown or bridge, or used in conjunction with special attachments, as a secure support for a denture.

Implant-supported dentures can eliminate many of the problems commonly associated with conventional denture use.  You can chew and speak more confidently with dentures that are held firmly in place and not sliding around or even falling out.

In addition, the use of implants to replace individual teeth also has many advantages and is now considered to be the standard of care.  Success rates are very high, in most cases exceeding that of conventional treatment. The results are a restoration that has the look, feel and cleanability of natural teeth.

In conjunction with our partner dental specialists, we are excited to provide this service and have been placing implants for over a dozen years.  The cost has become comparable to conventional treatment and is now an affordable alternative.  We love doing implants and would love to discuss with you their advantages and whether or not they are right for you.